Best Boarding School in India

The boarding school structure goes back to the ancient ages in India when the children were sent to Gurukul for their edification. A boarding school is responsible for overall development of the students. The Tula’s International boarding School in India, nestled in the hills of Uttarakhand is also known as the modern Gurukul for its excellent boarding culture. The students learn the important lessons in time management and self-reliance. The students in Tula’s International, the Top boarding school in India, go through an intense and well planned educational structure to excel in their lives. The Tula’s International, the best International residential school in Dehradun promotes the values of multiculturalism and unity.

The Tula’s International, the best boarding school in Dehradun, has separate buildings for girls and boys. Each student is accommodated in a comfortable and spacious room and experiences home-like warmth. Each room has an independent bed with storage space, cupboard, study table, book rack and a personal soft board for pin-ups. Large windows in each room not only allow natural light to flow but also keep the room well-ventilated. Keeping in mind the hygiene of the boarders, each floor of the hostel has eco-friendly washrooms and bathing cells which are maintained by the cleaners round the clock. The security of the students is prioritized and the building is under 24×7 invigilation of the security guards. Strict yet benevolent warden take care of the students’ other needs and strive to maintain a home-like atmosphere. The students at Tula’s live like a family and eat together at the dining hall, where healthy and nutritious food is served. The students are taught to get up early and begin their day with Yoga and P.T. which keeps them healthy and enthusiastic as well.

Students at Tula’s International, the Best Boarding school in India, are also encouraged to play sports like football, billiards, basketball, squash, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball, cycling, horse riding, etc. Their curriculum is so designed that it revolves around the students and ensures their overall growth with new study techniques and advanced teaching methods. The mental health is also taken care of through regular counseling to keep a check on the problems the students go through. Based on an International educational system, the students are introduced to various cultures and they learn to respect them. They understand the power of unity and education and live in harmony like a family. Teachers know and take care of each child individually. They are also given remedial classes after the school, to help them in their weak subjects.

The best international school in India, Tula’s International ensures overall personality development of the students, and inculcate in them the value of time and self-reliance at very young age so that they grow up to be responsible and independent individuals.