Best Boarding School in India

The boarding school structure goes back to the ancient ages in India when the children were sent to Gurukul for their edification. A boarding school is responsible for overall development of the students. The Tula’s International boarding School in India, nestled in the hills of Uttarakhand is also known as the modern Gurukul for its excellent boarding culture. The students learn the important lessons in time management and self-reliance. The students in Tula’s International, the Top boarding school in India, go through an intense and well planned educational structure to excel in their lives. The Tula’s International, the best International residential school in Dehradun promotes the values of multiculturalism and unity.

The Tula’s International, the best boarding school in Dehradun, has separate buildings for girls and boys. Each student is accommodated in a comfortable and spacious room and experiences home-like warmth. Each room has an independent bed with storage space, cupboard, study table, book rack and a personal soft board for pin-ups. Large windows in each room not only allow natural light to flow but also keep the room well-ventilated. Keeping in mind the hygiene of the boarders, each floor of the hostel has eco-friendly washrooms and bathing cells which are maintained by the cleaners round the clock. The security of the students is prioritized and the building is under 24×7 invigilation of the security guards. Strict yet benevolent warden take care of the students’ other needs and strive to maintain a home-like atmosphere. The students at Tula’s live like a family and eat together at the dining hall, where healthy and nutritious food is served. The students are taught to get up early and begin their day with Yoga and P.T. which keeps them healthy and enthusiastic as well.

Students at Tula’s International, the Best Boarding school in India, are also encouraged to play sports like football, billiards, basketball, squash, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball, cycling, horse riding, etc. Their curriculum is so designed that it revolves around the students and ensures their overall growth with new study techniques and advanced teaching methods. The mental health is also taken care of through regular counseling to keep a check on the problems the students go through. Based on an International educational system, the students are introduced to various cultures and they learn to respect them. They understand the power of unity and education and live in harmony like a family. Teachers know and take care of each child individually. They are also given remedial classes after the school, to help them in their weak subjects.

The best international school in India, Tula’s International ensures overall personality development of the students, and inculcate in them the value of time and self-reliance at very young age so that they grow up to be responsible and independent individuals.


Top Boarding School in India




Academic knowledge, sports activities, ethical teachings, music societies, trips and various other clubs can be seen under one roof in the Tula’s International School. Located in the alluring city of Dehradun, this boarding school has changed the view of Indian education. The school aims to provide the balanced life structure to the students where they can surpass in all spheres of the life. The school provides academic education from grade V to Grade XII for both boys and girl. The main objective of the Tula’s is to create such scholars who can represent them in the globally competitive world and with their high ethical standard can leave the influence over the society. The school has turned out to be one of the best boarding schools of the Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


Tula’s International has seen successful in giving the learning of our ancient based education even in this era of modernization. The school from its very first day has introduced the concept of Gurukul Methodology in its curriculum with the pillars of modern infrastructure. Under this, students are taught the real meaning of life, its way to lead and how to generate good habit in them. “Education is not about how much you score but about how one behaves”.  Following the same steps, the Tula’s International has made its place among the top international school in our country. To promote the culture heritage of or country and to inculcate the habit of common brotherhood, the school celebrate the festival of all religion. Recently, the Dussehra, the festival of “victory of honesty” was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school premises. In this, students performed the skit on Ramayana.  Such kind of celebrations keeps students in touch with our ancient teachings which create a base building for their life.


Sports have been one of the prominent activities of Tula’s International. The school strongly believes that “a sound mind lives in the sound body”.  The day structure of this best boarding school of Uttarakhand covers the sufficient time for sports activities. Various sports activities ranging from horse riding, basketball, cricket, squash, and other indoor activities are conducted on the regular basis. To bring the sportsmanship among its students, the school organized their annual sports day in the month of October 2016. Various sports activities were organized and students took part by representing their specific houses. To boost the sports spirit among the students, various prizes and certificates were given to the students. These activities collect the inner leadership of the students and they learn to work in a team. Further, this also marks the improvement in the health of the students.


This top boarding school of the country aims to make such living conditions for the students where they never feel away from their home. The experienced faculty not only provide educational support but also help them with emotional supports. They treat students as their own children and maintains a strong bond with them. The faculty ensures the students get the in-depth understanding of the topics and they get practical linking with the theoretical knowledge.




Being the top boarding school of Dehradun, Tula’s International has emerged out as such a place where schooling life becomes one of the most experiencing, learning and memorable period in the life of the students. The school aims that their students drives the society and contribute to the welfare of our country.


Residential School in India

The world is getting changed with the rapid speed. Every day, we read the newspaper and get to know some another great invention has come out. We find the new technology has come out or the same has been updated with some great features. The population of people with multi-talent, knowledge bank and leadership skill is increasing day by day. The competition is getting tough as every candidate of this era has some or other uniqueness in them. In conclusion, education has changed the living situation of this planet. Parents are now getting really serious about the initial schooling of their children. We need such educational schools in our country where education is all about inventions, personal growth, human behavior and ethical learning. All these features are present in one of the top boarding school in our country, “The Tula’s International”. The school is located in the elegant city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.



The concept of boarding school is not new in our country but the way same has been represented by Tula’s International is really remarkable.  Away from homes, the Tula’s International has made all its efforts where students get such an environment which is best suitable for them. The school maintains the balance life structure for their students which help them to beautify them in all corners of life. A regular day at Tula’s starts with morning exercise and then same is followed by the academic learning curriculums. Later, the evening time has been defined for self-improvement works which involve sports, music, dance and other co-curricular activities.  All the activities ranging from academic to sports are governed by the team of experienced faculty who are specialized in their respective subjects. This results that a normal student gets turned into the multi-talented mind.



The meaning of boarding school at Tula’s is not about teaching students in the locked premises. The management of the school strongly believes that to become a versatile student, one needs to get linked with the outside environment. To make the same possible, various outdoor activities are conducted by this best boarding school of Uttarakhand. “Education with practical approach brings inventions”, the true meaning of this quote was seen at Tula’s International School when they organized an industrial trip to the Patanjali Food and Herbal Park for their students. To bridge the gap between classroom teaching and real world issues, the school organized the industrial trip to Patanjali, Haridwar on 15th October 2016. Students learn about how the machines work, how the manufacturing takes place and how the management is done. Such kind of efforts has made Tula’s International as the top International School of our country.




The infrastructure of the school has been designed taking into the consideration the basic amenities of the students. The school has installed the digital workstations in the classroom in which professional videos, animated graphics, and tables are used to bring the concept clarity in the students. The latest technology laboratories system makes education interesting for the students. Further to add stars to its infrastructure, the school has a library which is one of the most leading places for the students. The library cum media center has books ranging from different topics of the interest. The library has a green garden outside it which creates an environment of getting deep into the reading. The cold wind in the evening gives refreshment along with the knowledge to the students.


Tula’s International has touched all the fields of student’s life and tries to make schooling as the best learning phase of their life. In very short span of time, the school has become the top international school in our country.